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One of the most difficult parts of jackup leg construction is the welding
of heavy quenched and tempered steels. JSA can minimize the shipyard’s exposure by welding the chords to the rack and provision of a “leg kit” which
can then be assembled at the build site. These sections can be readily assembled with minimal involvement by the yard and minimal worries about
the quality, budget and schedule. We utilize only ultra-modern welding,
pre-heating and fixture equipment, combined with craftsmen who are accustomed to the difficulties of heavy-gauge, high-strength carbon alloy steels.

Whether the project is a repair, leg extension or new construction, JSA is the total solution to provide these components on-time and within budget.

Bracing Pipe and Leg Assembly

High-strength, structural brace pipes can be supplied through existing
mill allocations. We also provide cutting, coping and beveling of the joints.
In some cases, JSA can provide complete leg sections fabricated in the
US Gulf Coast, the Middle East and other parts of the world utilizing one
of our first-class partner companies.

JSA can also provide turnkey technical assistance for the timing of the
legs and the overall assembly process upon component arrival at the
shipyard. Every step of the way from design recommendations, formation
of weld procedures, and fabrication equipment selection ... JSA can be
at your side, guiding your process.

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