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Global Fabrication Services

JSA’s fabricating partner, Global Steel and Flamecutting
(GS&F) is the most significant producer of ULTRA-HIGH
tolerance flame cut, heavy gear rack in the world today.
Since 1992, Global has supplied the needs of most of the
major drilling companies and shipyards in the world.
Global has stepped up as a leader in the area of heavy
gauge flamecutting of ultra-high-tolerance gear rack.

Our range of gear rack production is from 1” to 9”
thick plates. We specialize in using cutting edge
oxy-fuel and plasma cutting facilities in addition to
a full complement of preheat furnaces and flattening
presses up to 2500 tons. In addition to flame cutting,
 Global has a state-of-the-art welding operation
utilizing the latest techniques available in
the marketplace.

Jackrabbit Steel Products

Formed Chords: Jackrabbit Steel Products, Inc.
specializes in forming heavy chords and half pipes for
jackup legs. This purpose-built operation consists of one
of the most modern heavy press breaks in North America.
At the center of the operation are 2500-ton and 1250-ton
press breaks with CNC controls to meet the ultra-high-
tolerances demanded for modern jackup leg chords.

In addition, Jackrabbit employs custom-built cutting
and beveling machines for long seams and stations for
end cutting and beveling. All chords undergo a full
dimensional QA Inspection and are assigned a unique
serial number to assure full traceability for the life of
the rig.With this modern steel-forming operation,
Jackrabbit also provides forming of other types of heavy
components such as cones/transition, heavy pipes,
and other types of formed products.

Jackup Structures Alliance

Jackup Structures Alliance, Inc. (JSA) is the company
that brings all of the parts and pieces of the group
together ... from the sales and bidding of the project,
to construction engineering, scheduling, quality assurance,
logistics, and follow-up with the customer. JSA is your
total solution to complicated fabrication projects.

JSA Global

JSA Global Middle East & Asia Pacific regional offices
are offshoots of Jackup Structures Alliance. These in
Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Seoul, Korea
leverage the assets, capabilities and experience of
the sister companies to provide an effective, dynamic
global footprint.

    No Learning Curves.
    No Compromises.

Jackup Structures Alliance, Inc. (JSA)

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